Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Wednesday again...

Today is 16th of may, a wednesday,again...2 more days to weekend...think this weekend i am gg to do some sports with Heizu, either go swim, i mean dip in the pool and tan and busk under the sun, or go some courts somewhere to play badminton...recently got this aviva open in singapore and i am qute inspired by its time for some smashes and drop shots..woot...but the problem is dunnoe where to go...maybe go cck sports stadium or something...actually saturday i can go back school and do CBLC duty and earn money one...$80 buck leh...but i think i should get some rest after waking up so early fly away my $80...and it flew into the pocket of my friend, Laypheng whom i gave the duty too...this ger hardcore man 3 days $240 plus thurs, fri and sat do duties...sounds like so boring...and to think she is still on the point of the whole story of is i am free this sat, no tuition, no duty, no work, no nothing...nothing...(lol, like the Mr Bean's Holiday) oh ya, kok chuan is back again and with him back, time seems to fly...after a while, it is soon lunch time and we went nearby to eat the delicious wan ton hor fun...oh ya, we bought the florida natural sweets or rather gummies, very nice...correction, not we buy one but our auntie bought for us one...she is always buying food for us ..thank you Xiao Yi!!!(though she will not be seeing my blog...coz i nv give away my blog add to many...Private dez neh) Oh, i think Heizu is feeling down due to her moving of house...and lack of choices of floors and thus have to move to a low level home...don't worry of the rubbish, just close the windows and on the air -con lo...tata..that's all for all...back to work!!!GAMBATE!!!


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