Sunday, May 20, 2007

Some fotos at work...

a foto taken during one of the lunch breaks where we went out with the rest on a bus to Jurong Entertainment Centre...first time going out with the rest of the crowd, by the chartered bus...machiam like kids going out on a food, korean saba fish set..$5.50, yummy!! a break from the usual wan ton mee, fried fish ee-mee and mixed vege rice that we got everyday from the foodcourts nearby our work place...
KC ate korean "ban fan", which is loosely translated as mixed rice??? i think he should have gotten the stone bowl ban fan, which is more traditional but he says he is fine with anything la...(oh ya, now got this interesting drink called änything", WIERD!!! coupled with "wateva"WIERDER!!!)

A closer look at my delicious meal....tempted???the fish is really nicely done and crispy, i finished up almost the whole fish less the middle segment of the bone, the side tiny bones are crispy as well and my teeth have no problem handling them...=8

a very sentimental foto, ya rite!!! our old office, and thats my desk, we were spacking up during helped to set up the comps for them...felt like a techician...seriously under-paid one....=!

KC at my desk too...coz his desk is already emptied...and all the stuffs are gone...look out for the sticker on that chair, it's a sign of "taken"when all the chairs and furniture are given away to us(the workers)...KC took a nice and new chair which once belonged to my auntie, i thought my dad just bought some office chair and did not need any more, so i did not i think back...should have just take, coz its free and i think Heizu's comp chair dun mind being replaced as well...or could have auctioned it away...some more i got the liberty to take cab home that night due to OT...REGRETs...='[

a posers' further comments

Oh, another poser's shot taken in pull and bear's boutique in taka i think...or is it the end i bought this shirt...quite a bargain, nice and comfy shirt made in mexico at nice price of $25.90, heisu was saying got food on it can satisfy my hunger and i won't be eating so much everytime...nice try dar!=)
for more interesting and exciting fotos, stay tuned, same channel, same computer, same time at WWW.BZHZ.BLOGSPOT.COM, till then all take care and have ä nice däY!!!


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