Friday, December 4, 2009

a long overdued post.

It's has been well maybe a few years since anything was even posted on this page...many things have happened and so that the many things that didn't happen...Hz has started working and maybe that's why this blog post stagnated...

She is currently a civil person, i mean servant, working for the glory of our motherland. On the other hand, bz is still mugging his head in some local university in Singapore. Oh, did I mentioned that he has just finished his last paper for this semester...that's why he is duh...oh ya and bz is also trying to look for a's not exactly that easy even with the improving economic outlook, no thanks to his major/specialization. Well, maybe Quando Quando Quando...(he just went to partyworld...and plus the overnight mahjong session and the evils, he si still not in his best sober state when posting this post...Brilliant...posting a post.)

oh, it's christmas soon and then Year 2010 will come...Happy early New Year! (very early indeed)... (as you can is malfunctioning today and he seems to talking to himself lots in this where did that came from?)

Please ignore the above rubbish...Have a nice day! (singing to Bon Jovi's tune..."Have a Nice Day") _