Friday, August 31, 2007

Surprise Surprise

one of my fav photos in paris. it is a very nice small restaurant at the latin quarters. love the flowers and window.

Current location: One of the school benches in the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information, NTU, near to the library door (*freezing to bits from the frequent opening of the doors*)

i m now waiting for my next lesson at 12noon... and it's LUNCHTIME and i haven't been fed! As i am now with 2 laptops and alone at the benches, there's no way for me to get any food from the this means the pig will have to remain hungry till 2pm...HORRORS!...

anyway the purpose of this new blog entry is to give baizu a SURPRISE! hee know baizu is currently having a sore poor thing *sayang *sayang *rubbing of snouts (guess tt's what pigs do ) here's some wonderful remedies for my baizu:

1. A packet of yummy honey lemon strepsils:

2. LOTS and LOTS of water:

3. Delicious fruits full of Vitamin C







Last but not least....a photo of heizu! that should be the best remedy!

Get well soon Dar!


heizu out from her sty

After having been frightened by a recent warning, heizu has emerged once again!!!

WELCOME BACK HEIZU...Hey i wasn't away for tt long what!

Ok enough lameness, but cant be helped. It's like 2.05am and heizu is working on her experiment research. This suddenly brought back some horrible memories of science practical back in my secondary and JC days. Haha generally I am a HORRIBLE PLUS TERRIBLE student at all kinds of science practical, be it physics, chem or bio. I remembered one yr, my chem teacher was supposed to write some comments about our chemistry subject (how we fare etc.). Usually in such situations, teachers will usually comment something about your foundations or maybe like jus something in general but for me, my teacher just had to write: SHE HAS TO IMPROVE ON HER PRACTICAL... haha cant be helped, he always see me being the last to leave the prac room due to my numerous difficulties...

and BIO was indeed the ultimate. I believe most of my frens would have heard of my hilarious yet nerve-wrecking O levels bio pract exam. Yup I screwed it up totally...Imagine a student who asked the teacher for help, cut the celery wrongly, got a new celery sample, cut her finger and lastly missed out an important part of question..I heard from my bio teacher tt my report was so bad tt I was not given extra time when i cut my finger as they are afraid that it would reflect badly on me...

oooh then it comes to PHYSICS...hmm this time round, i unknowingly walked into a prac room filled with examination apparatus with the aim of helping my teacher to get our prac books. and bingo i was caught by the teacher and he had to change all the apparatus as they were the ones for my coming exam...oops... after which my silly act was announced during lectures and to make things worse he was my badminton teacher in charge.. so guess what he told my coach how silly i was and how i wasted the school's money...

haha it seems that my silliness grew up with me as well, cos just today i commited a silly act which was witnessed by baizu! too embarrassed to say it...but i think baizu was totally amused...shocked...and amazed...but tt's what make me special right, baizu?

Sunday, August 12, 2007

A really nice song...Secret...shh...

周杰伦 - 不能说的秘密
词:方文山 曲:周杰伦

最美的不是下雨天是曾与你躲过雨的屋檐 oh~~
在荡着秋千 梦开始不甜

你说把爱渐渐 放下会走更远
又何必去改变 已走过的时间
你用你的指尖 阻止我说再见
想象你在身边 在完全失去之前

你说把爱渐渐 放下会走更远
或许命运的签 只让我们遇见
只让我们相恋 这一季的秋天
飘落后才发现 这幸福的碎片


Saturday, August 11, 2007

Quite accurate, this one...

Hi all,

went to watch 881 and secret recently, 881 is ...i think a waste of money, at least to me, if only my mom did not want to watch...this show only appeal to a certain group of ppl.,..definitely the not to's really filled with Hokkien getai songs throughout and it's no joke to call it a getai-musical...

as for secret by Jay Chou, it's totally a different story...though the movie started slow and a bit of the dull side but it soon became quite mysterious and creepy...and ya, I don't think it's nice to reveal any further here...but the Secret is really quite brilliant though come to think of it, there are some short-coming or loopholes in the secret...

okie anyway, recently i got spammed by this astrology thingy...but i found the below quite accurate:

There are several different sides to your character but your energy is primarily pointed in two contrary directions. A good part of you is probably devoted to people -- loving, giving and responsible -- but another strong side of you is free-spirited and adventurous -- at least in spirit but often in fact -- and doesn't want to feel restrained in any way. During your youth and young adulthood, you'll struggle to balance your desire to give to others in a responsible manner with your need to do your own thing with as little sense of responsibility as possible. You'll probably sometimes take care of one and sometimes the other, but rarely to your complete satisfaction. As you get older, you'll probably learn how to balance your generous, helping side with your free-spirited side so that you can feel comfortable with both.


You were born with a special gift, the potential to experience great delight in the pleasures of life. You sometimes affirm this delight with exhilarating enthusiasm, sometimes savor it with intense but quiet pleasure. One of your major lessons in life is to learn to fully appreciate and express this wonderful joy in living. You probably enjoy people and spend considerable time socializing, either with many friends in varied activities or in the company of a few intimates engaged in quiet diversions. You're also apt to enjoy using your considerable creative ability. You're likely to use your social and creative abilities in your career as well as in your personal life.


There's another side of your personality -- along with the social and creative part -- which is probably just as important in determining your general character.
You are able to comfort, help and serve others less able than yourself. You probably devote much of your effort to other people. Others will recognize your responsible ways and turn to you for the support and understanding you can provide. With your caring nature, you may choose a people-oriented line of work, possibly involving your teaching or counseling abilities. Although your sense of responsibility is one of your important strengths, you may have to learn that you don't have to be responsible for everything or everybody.'s minutes to heizu's birthday...I wish you HAPPY BIRTHDAY and may all your dreams come true and all the best in everything you do!!! Love you...(Mushy)


Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Couples Reading for Kenny & Waiyin

Birth Data for Kenny:

Birth Date................... March 4, 1985
Birth Location............. Singapore, Singapore

Birth Data for Waiyin:

Birth Date................... August 12, 1985
Birth Location............. Singapore, Singapore
Think I am too free recently, so there goes the astrological forecast from
First to come, Couple Reading:
Planets and Aspects:
1) Sun Conjunct Mercury
Your relationship may not be so much an emotional relationship as it is an intellectual one. Yours is perhaps a relationship where you can exchange thoughts and ideas, study, research, spend hours in conversation and enjoy mental stimulation rather than physical. For you, sex takes place mentally rather than physically. Rather than having an emotional rapport, you may be more detached and logical in your relationship.Your conversations will be excellent and since you have so much in common, you probably think the same ways about life in general. You will have no trouble understanding what the other person is talking about. There are very meaningful discussions indicated here and should you be involved in creative or business ventures together, then this aspect is an added boost for the conception of new ideas.You can feel very close to each other with this aspect, without feeling vulnerable, and doing your "own thing" will be a prerequisite for the two of you. Trips and travel, whether local or long distance, are also part of this aspect. Sitting still may be difficult for you both.
2) Sun Conjunct Venus
This aspect signifies that you just plainly love each other. The attraction is so strong between you that even though you may be incompatible by other standards, you still feel like being with your partner because of that love you feel for them. It's not that they won't occasionally drive you nuts - they will. It's just that the bottom line is that there is real love between you and there is no stronger emotion in the universe.By being together you can create beauty and form as well as appreciate art and music. Your home can easily be filled with "treasures" that reflect the talents you have. But as always with Venus, be careful of overindulging in the good things of life so they do not become a noose around your neck instead of an object of desire. Remember, the more things you have, the more trouble you are likely to have. You will not mind showing off what you have accrued together, but vanity can become an undesired side effect of this aspect if it is not kept in check.Avoid hiding any difficulties in your relationship and bring them out in the open so they can be resolved or at least recognized in order to avoid major problems down the road. You may also be drawn to speculative ventures with this aspect, so just remember to be practical in your expenditures.With this configuration, no matter what difficulties come along to challenge you, you will always feel a need and desire to make peace, reconcile and create harmony and cooperation in your relationship. This aspect offers a great stability that will keep you from turning against each other, unless the obstacles become totally overwhelming. A great deal of time and effort can be put into social activities and if you are involved in creative ventures together, then this aspect adds support and form to your ideas.
Next up, Romantic Compatibility Reading for Kenny & Waiyin :
Kenny's Sun Square Waiyin's Uranus:
When the two of you get together, you make a lot of noise, and there is lots of excitement. There is a strong element of unpredictability and spontanaeity as well and you enjoy improvising new ideas and playing together. Because there is a loose, spontaneous quality to your relationship, you find that very often you can not depend on each other and it is difficult for the two of you to focus on mundane, tedious, or onerous tasks together. This is a good relationship for exploring new possibilities and interests and for spurring each other to become more spontaneous, independent, and creative, but a difficult relationship if dependability and commitment to each other is a high priority.
Kenny's Sun Trine Waiyin's Venus:
Yours is a congenial and enjoyable relationship, for you both appreciate and like one another. You also share a similarity in tastes and enjoyment of leisure activities and pleasures.
Waiyin's Sun Trine Kenny's Mars:
Successful cooperation in achieving goals and accomplishing tasks is highlighted. You make an excellent working team and you are able to assist each other in achieving specific, concrete goals.
Waiyin's Sun Trine Kenny's Uranus:
Playfulness and a zest for newness infuse your realtionship. You really spark each other's imagination and creativity. This quality is especially welcome in a long-term relationship because you will not fall into a lifeless routine. You spur each other to explore, take risks, and develop new creative outlets. You encourage each other's independence and you have faith in one another's creative, inventive ideas and interests.
Last but not least, Relationship Potential Reading:
SECTION I: How Kenny Relates to Other People
Venus Conjunct Mars with an orb between 1 and 3 degrees
Yours was not a happy childhood and, while there is nothing you want more than a close love relationship, you may also fear it. You probably have an active sex life but may have some discomfort acknowledging feelings of love, dependence or vulnerability.
Venus Trine Uranus with an orb between 1 and 3 degrees
There is nothing humdrum about the way that you love. You have a flair for the unusual and the creative and are drawn to those who shun the conventional. You shy away from those who tend to be over-possessive. Your love affairs are also wonderful friendships.
Sun Square Uranus with an orb between 3 and 5 degrees
You are restless and independent and, no matter how close you become to someone, you always remain your own person and there is a part of yourself you cannot share. You are uncompromisingly true to your convictions which must be shared by those close to you.
Mercury Trine Saturn with an orb between 3 and 5 degrees
You are extremely well-organized and anyone who isn't equally so would annoy you. You are also very practical and fond of routine. A madcap type you couldn't depend on would ultimately make you miserable - no matter how intense the initial emotional attraction.
SECTION II: How Waiyin Relates to Other People
Sun Square Saturn with an orb between 1 and 3 degrees
Your self-esteem is based less upon what you are in your own or others' eyes than on what you do. You may become so compulsive about achievement that you cannot relax into a warm, enduring relationship until you have achieved some success in your career.
Mercury Square Saturn with an orb between 3 and 5 degrees
You are a serious person and inclined to be somewhat inflexible in your thinking. Since you tend to be rather judgmental, you could only be happy with someone who is in philosophical agreement with you and conceptualizes the world as you do. Sometimes you are rather taciturn.
Sun Trine Uranus with an orb between 3 and 5 degrees
You have a unique view of life and have been fortunate in finding friends and partners with whom you can share it. Your relationships will be most successful when you also have in your life an interest, goal or project which absorbs both of you equally.
Mercury Trine Uranus with an orb between 3 and 5 degrees
You have an innovative turn of mind and may have a talent for an unusual subject. Your ideas are often considered to be ahead of your time. You can be somewhat impersonal and detached - even with close ties. You need to share controversial ideas with friends.
Okay, we have reach the end...this is just purely entertainment reading although there are some parts which I felt was quite accurate but there are also others which are ridiculous...have fun reading and if you are as free as me, try this dumb "cheap-thrill" at and perhaps if you are looking for more accurate readings, find out your birth timings before using this website...for one thing, I was too lazy to find out and just entered the birthdays.
Okay, heizu is having headache..."got to drink more water and eat more cooling stuffs like fruits"...we will be watching SECRETS, staring Jay as the actor and the director later, highly recommended by my cousin,WC. Will be back with the review of this movie soon...btw, I think rush hour 3 will be good, next movie bah...
Support Original, hates piracy(lol)

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

We are going to the Zoo on Singapore's Birthday!

Not so long ago, RETRO was let's relive some of our childhood memories...

In conjunction with the nation's birthday and Heizhu's upcoming birthday, I have planned a wonderful day at Mandai Road...a nature-loving and refreshing, never-before, exhiliating trip to our very own Singapore Zoological Gardens and her neighbour, The Night Safari.

Omg, how long has it been since I last went there, let me it when I was in Primary school? how about you? I'm sure most people have not been to the above mentioned two places since dunnoe god knows when...Tell a what...I am going to tempt all of you guys with my research and findings and I am sure after reading this entry, all will be itching to go with us...

Lets first take a look at some of the animals at Night Safari:


Flying Fox/ Squirrel

When it's flying...

cute foxies

wierd animal...tapir? anteater? alienic creature...


tribal people

not your usual cat
and presenting some animals at the Zoo:

White pig...baizu, me? Where's heizu?

The animals' shows...

wierd monkey

Mr Lion, aka Singa

Long-necked creatures

Inuka, aka polar bear

Tiger, pooh's friend

Our famous Ah-Meng

Love all around at the zoo

2 ultra-important tools of the day

And we would be going to all the 4 shows at the zoo:

Venue: Splash Amphitheatre
Daily: 11:00am, 2:30pm and 5:00pm"

Venue: Shaw Foundation Amphitheatre
Daily: 10.30am and 1.30pm
Catch a glimpse of how domestic animals like the dog, rat, chicken and duck are trained.
Venue: Children's World Animal Land
Daily: 12.30pm & 4.30pm

Venue: Elephants of Asia
Daily: 11.30am & 3.30pm

PLUS...the 2 shows at Nigh Safari:

Cultural Performances at Night Safari
Bornean Tribal Performers

Let awe-inspiring tribal performers take your breath away when you next visit Night Safari! Hailing from the rainforests of Borneo, the Thumbuakar Tribe will perform tribal dances, blowpipe demonstrations and fire-eating displays. Experience the exhilarating display at the following times:

At Ulu: 6.30pm and 8.30pm
At photomound: 7.00pm, 8.00pm and 9.00pm

Gamelan and Jaipongan Display
Enjoy the fluid movements of the Jaipongan, a celebration dance that’s usually performed during festivities in Sunda, Indonesia. A gamelan orchestra lends its resonating beats to the captivating performance, making this a visual and aural feast.

A gamelan is a musical ensemble, which originated in Indonesia. The instruments in each gamelan are built and tuned to stay together, and cannot be interchanged with instruments from another set. Typically, instruments featured in a gamelan include metallophones, xylophones, drums and gongs.

Not that exciting actually...the real thing is:

Creatures of the Night Show
Having won the hearts of visitors around the world, the brand new show will feature a more interactive format where visitors will feel part of the show.
Seatings on a first come first served basis.
Show Times: 7.30pm, 8.30pm, and 9.30pm daily (weather permitting)
all pictures and info from

Sunday, August 5, 2007

A Random Post

Presenting my recent favourite song, enjoy =):

Fall Out Boy - Thnks Fr Th Mmrs

★ Lyrics by VAN

I'm gonna make it bend and break
(It sent you to me without wait)
Say a prayer but let the good times roll
In case god doesn't show
(Let the good times roll
Let the good times roll)
And I want these words to make things right
But it's for wrongs that make the words come to life
Who does he think he is?
If that's the worst you got,
better put your fingers back to the keys
One night and one more time
Thanks for the memories
Even though they weren't so great
He tastes like you
Only sweeter
One night, yeah, one more time
Thanks for the memories
Thanks for the memories
See, he tastes like you
Only sweeter

Been looking forward to the future
But my eyesight is going bad
And this crystal ball
It's always cloudy
Except for when you look into the past
One night stand (One night stand)
One night and one more time
Thanks for the memories
Even though they weren't so great
He tastes like you
Only sweeter
One night, yeah, one more time
Thanks for the memories
Thanks for the memories
See, he tastes like you
Only sweeter
They say
"I only think in the form of crunching numbers
In hotel rooms
Collecting paycheck lovers"
Get me out of my mind
Get you out of those clothes
I'm a letter away
From getting you into the mood
One night and one more time
Thanks for the memories
Even though they weren't so great
He tastes like you
Only sweeter
One night, yeah, one more time
Thanks for the memories
Thanks for the memories
See, he tastes like you
Only sweeter
One more night and one more time
Thanks for the memories
Even though they weren't so great
He tastes like you
Only sweeter
One night, yeah, one more time
Thanks for the memories(For the memories)
Thanks for the memories(For the memories)
See, he tastes like you
Only sweeter

Btw, no special meaning to this song. don't think crooked or wateva..just a nice song I wish to reccommend...