Thursday, May 31, 2007

21st May 2007

Today is a monday, and i am feeling the monday blues...i am currently
free and got nothing to do so am keeping my fingers
crossed that i am going to be as free until the end of work is just like any other day, typical day, maybe perhaps today i wore
a shirt instead of my usual tshirt...ya...i oso wore leather shoe to
complement my seems like a bit more less dangerous to blog today
as some of the staffs went overseas, dunoe for work or play and as a
result, there are lesser people walking around and thus we got much more
freedom...but from the look of it, KC seemed to be rather busy...oh ya,
we went swimming on sat morning from about 11 all the way to ard
3pm..impressive nose got sunburned as a result but i oso got my
bronze tan which is equally spectacular...makes me look more sporty and
help to give the false illusion of slim i at the
swimming complex at Jurong East, i realised that we are getting old and the
crowd there is mostly the young kids and the teenagers, where got people
like us in our twenties...omg...then we still like "fan lao wan tong"
lidat and swam around with the kids in the lazy, now
the email is down and thus there is really nothing for us to do le...


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