Thursday, May 31, 2007

Many years of fine company and many more to come...PART 1

Note: These pictures are arranged from the latest to the earliest...
NOT_SO _SERIOUS_WARNING: COPYRIGHT LAWS PREVALENT AS ALWAYS, contact us if you need us as models for your all kinds of marketing and advertising and do not want any brushes with the wrong side of law.(PUKES.)
This is David Beckham and Victoria Beckham....

This is Chong Waiyin and ...

This is Kenny Mok Chew Seng...

They think they are beckham and

Taken at some eating place, dunnoe wat's behind though.

Taken on a TIBS bus

Taken on the tram/train along the Siloso Beach

Yet another picture on the bus (slowly but surely baoming our favourite photo-taking place)

There you have it, another bus foto...;_)

okay, this is not on the bus but...about the same, another public transport called the mass rapid transit aka MRT (correct?)

Crazy guy smiling from ear to ear for reasons unknown.

With Mr Bean's bear(the 3rd party) in the Mediacorp fliming studio scene.

So the 3rd party wasn't the bear, it was Yunying, the near-Champion (good enuff) of Superhost.

Matching colour in the season of giving and love

Clearly, MRT is catching up with the bus in terms of popularity of photo-taking venues.

Taken in my house, when we were youthful, now that we are old...sighz...

Some pictures from Dicey business...must watch!!!

This is Bosco Wong, a sometimes good looking and other times not that good looking actor...this is one of the better looking shot with Tavia, his on-screen lover...
The summary of the show with its characters and their inter-relationship...check out the messy hair guy...he is

Oh, this is Bosco as well, the scene before he was reunited with his brother and when he was still a "loserly" good for nothing guy who sees no meaning in life other than sleeping and hiding from the rest of the world...but later on, he just changed 360 degrees...he became more presentable on the surface but less recognisable in the inside...(sounds cheem hor...)

The veterans, funnyman Bobby aka Ouyang Zheng Hua and Xuan Xuan, Jessica, having their personal moment when Bobby was feeling low in a Church...

Okie, the main picture of this series...DICEY BUSINESS...well, not so much of the dice part, maybe supposed to represent the gambling that was going on in the show...particularly touching with the efforts of BObby trying very very hard to find his brother and was equally nerve-recking to see Bosco refusing to appreciate his brother's efforts and continue to indulge in
"dicey business"with Michael...the really BAD GUY!!!!

25th May 2007

today is a friday and i hope today will be smooth sailing and not so
tiring...for me, i have been watching a new Hong kong drama serial after
yet another HK drama "dicey business"...This new one is named "heart of
greed" which is either still airing in Hong Kong or it has just aired
finish.Dicey business is a really nice show and i really enjoyed it very
much...This show includes main casts, Ouyang Zheng Hua, Jessica Xuan
Xuan, Tania Yueng and Bosco Wong. For your infomation, Bosco and Tavia
are 2 rising stars in the HK dramas arena while Bobby Ouyang Zhanghua and
Jessica are the veterans as you all should know...this show is about
gambling like can guess from the title...but it involves many
other things as let me give you all a synopsis on this
wonderful drama...btw, nowadays, i realise HK dramas beat Jap ones hands
down...NO FIGHT!!! The story goes...Oh ya, before i start, there's another
impt person whom i have forgotten to introduce, he's Michael who is yet
another veteran acter, which really don't look his age..ok, the real
story starts when both michael and bobby were in their teens. or rather
young adults, both of them managed to eanter the finals of a prestigious
gambling competition finals...then bobby got distracted by a beautiful
women who happened to be michael's girlfirend and in the end lost the
finals and also lost his little brother altogether...he tried his best
to find his little brother(bosco's role) desperately but all efforts
were to no avail. Then, he became a loser and went into the situation
compulsive gambling, he lost everything and became a nobody...the worst
thing is that he seemed to be cursed with bad luck after the unfortunate
incident and he lost his self-belief and determined will...until one
fine night when he was walking somewhere and a person, fell on him when he
was attempting to jump down a building(can tell how sway he is). both
of them ended up in the hospital and this turned out to be a blessing in
disguise and eventually, both of them became the best of
buddies...along with (horror of horrors)michael, the eventual winner of that gambling
competition, who then became the CEO of a casino in Philippines. Bobby
then worked for Michael as the "cooler", okay, let explain, since i
have told you all earlier that Bobby is super unlucky, whatever he bet, he
sure lose. Thus, he has this uncanny ability to stop winning streaks
by occasional lucky gamblers in the casino. WOW, hoe cool is
that...quite cheapo on the other hand. Nvm, back to the main story, bobby
meanwhile get to know this hardcore woman gambler(Jessica Xuan Xuan) and they
became friends...On the other hand, Michael also fell for Jessica. (i
don't understand why though, she is not say like very pretty). Anyway,
Michael is such an ass, he bed her the first time and wanted to break up
the next day as he realised that they are of diffferent worlds and he
finds Jessica a nag...but, they soon make up again...He broke up with
her the second time they make out again but this time is due to Michael
wanting to protect Jessica since he is being hunted by his enemies(why
he got enemies, the story is too long, watch it yourself)Okay, at the
same time, bobby found himself having a liking towards Jessica as, a typical love triangle, Bobby managed to
find his little brother who happened to be living in the same rent room
for so long yet, they did no know...However, both of them soon found out
but things did not turn out to be it should be...His little brother
played by Bosco Wong, did not feel the bond between them and instead
admired Michael more due to his gambling powess...he then went to work in
his casino and got to know the bimbo acted by Tavia Yeung. he fell in
love with Tavia at first sight but due to his shy nature, after trapping
himself in the house for more than 20 years since being separated from
Bobby, he did not show his feelings to tavia and tavia on the other
hand, did not appreciate all the things Bosco did for her and only wants to
get hooked up with this rich son of the guy who owns that casino.
However, after being humiliated several times by the rich son and others,
she gave up and started to recipocate the love given by Bosco but the
thing is that Bosco soon looked upon Michael as his mentor and trust him
mroe than anyone else and he also refuses to reconcile with his brother
who is super sad...seeing his own brother trusting another person more
than himself...But, the most shocking thing is that Michael turned out
to be a bad guy, who was also the one who instigated his girlfriend to
seduce Bobby many years ago during the competition, thus causing
Bobby's downfall and him losing his little brother...but the dilemma is Bosco
just would not believe that his mentor is that evil...Eventually,
Michael became more and moredisgusting and evil after being manipulated by
other evil elements...well, Bosco did many evil things under his bdding
too...okay okay, said so much le...for the exciting and wonderful
ending to this fantastic drama, do watch it would not
reveal the ending here...okay, time to eat roti boy coffe bread le...tata


21st May 2007

Today is a monday, and i am feeling the monday blues...i am currently
free and got nothing to do so am keeping my fingers
crossed that i am going to be as free until the end of work is just like any other day, typical day, maybe perhaps today i wore
a shirt instead of my usual tshirt...ya...i oso wore leather shoe to
complement my seems like a bit more less dangerous to blog today
as some of the staffs went overseas, dunoe for work or play and as a
result, there are lesser people walking around and thus we got much more
freedom...but from the look of it, KC seemed to be rather busy...oh ya,
we went swimming on sat morning from about 11 all the way to ard
3pm..impressive nose got sunburned as a result but i oso got my
bronze tan which is equally spectacular...makes me look more sporty and
help to give the false illusion of slim i at the
swimming complex at Jurong East, i realised that we are getting old and the
crowd there is mostly the young kids and the teenagers, where got people
like us in our twenties...omg...then we still like "fan lao wan tong"
lidat and swam around with the kids in the lazy, now
the email is down and thus there is really nothing for us to do le...


Sunday, May 20, 2007

Some fotos at work...

a foto taken during one of the lunch breaks where we went out with the rest on a bus to Jurong Entertainment Centre...first time going out with the rest of the crowd, by the chartered bus...machiam like kids going out on a food, korean saba fish set..$5.50, yummy!! a break from the usual wan ton mee, fried fish ee-mee and mixed vege rice that we got everyday from the foodcourts nearby our work place...
KC ate korean "ban fan", which is loosely translated as mixed rice??? i think he should have gotten the stone bowl ban fan, which is more traditional but he says he is fine with anything la...(oh ya, now got this interesting drink called änything", WIERD!!! coupled with "wateva"WIERDER!!!)

A closer look at my delicious meal....tempted???the fish is really nicely done and crispy, i finished up almost the whole fish less the middle segment of the bone, the side tiny bones are crispy as well and my teeth have no problem handling them...=8

a very sentimental foto, ya rite!!! our old office, and thats my desk, we were spacking up during helped to set up the comps for them...felt like a techician...seriously under-paid one....=!

KC at my desk too...coz his desk is already emptied...and all the stuffs are gone...look out for the sticker on that chair, it's a sign of "taken"when all the chairs and furniture are given away to us(the workers)...KC took a nice and new chair which once belonged to my auntie, i thought my dad just bought some office chair and did not need any more, so i did not i think back...should have just take, coz its free and i think Heizu's comp chair dun mind being replaced as well...or could have auctioned it away...some more i got the liberty to take cab home that night due to OT...REGRETs...='[

a posers' further comments

Oh, another poser's shot taken in pull and bear's boutique in taka i think...or is it the end i bought this shirt...quite a bargain, nice and comfy shirt made in mexico at nice price of $25.90, heisu was saying got food on it can satisfy my hunger and i won't be eating so much everytime...nice try dar!=)
for more interesting and exciting fotos, stay tuned, same channel, same computer, same time at WWW.BZHZ.BLOGSPOT.COM, till then all take care and have ä nice däY!!!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

28 weeks later...

Today was a tiring day as least to me, cause i slept late last night after watching the movie "28 weeks later", this is the sequel to "28 days later", which i heard was a let-down...thus, i also got doubts about this movie...however, i saw the positive critics given to it successor and thus decided to give it a was quite of a last minute in the end, hz and bz went to Jurong point to watch it...I had dinner at home as Mom has already cooked my share and there was a lot of food to be finished and my sis and co would not be able to finish the food without me...but dunnoe why i dilly dally and in the end i was super late, late for about 20 minutes...gosh!!! and it all attributed to the slowness in the arrival times of the buses...i waited for a bus for so long that in the end, i changed my plan and took another bus t change to mrt aka DAMAGE CONTROL. However, in the end, when i reached JP, it was like everyone is going home and i am the only dumb fool going to shop when almost all the shops are closed or closing. In the end when i reached the theatres level, i saw heizu waiting there for me pathetically with nachos and drink...sorry ger!!! then we swiftly rushed in but could not find our seats, so in the end, just anyhow sit...okay. the moment we got in, we were greeted with super doper loud sounds and gory scenes...i think Heizu freaked out immediately...for me, i was rather perturbed by the disturbing loud sounds, which deafening would be an get the noise? its either the theatre is damn solid with all the suround sounds and dolby digital system of the movie is a cheapo one which scares the audience by using super loud sounds, at different times...

The story for us started with Don, the male lead who is such a scary cat who abandoned his wife when faced with the zombies during the first 28days...i guess this is an introduction to the was all loud and noisy and confusing in the beginning...typical gross and gory scenes which feature zombies attacking human and tearing them into pieces with fresh blood spatting all over...all in all very messy and disgusting...

oh no, just received the news that hz would be very busy doing her log book for internship this sat and thus i cant exercise again...maybe not, i am thinking of tennis and swimming with KC and co...

okay anyway, back to the movie, i personally think that it is an above average show but not worth the money if going to watch on weekend, save yo ur money for nicer movies like fantastic four, shrek 3, harry potter and pirates of the carribean which are all coming soon!!!!1 so exciting!!! oh, back to Don, he left his wife to be "killed" by the zombie while himself cowardly ran away from the countryside on a motor boat....then suddenly, time flew and its 28 weeks later and Britain is trying to clean up the mess caused during this 28 weeks where the streets and buildings are all filled with corpses of the zombies who all died as a result of starvation after the isolation plan carried out the authorities...but, things did not turn out to be so smooth and easy....As most of you people can expect, the zombies are back much as they(the govt)tries to exterminate all those who were infected and shutting down of various cities and engaging a large scale cleansing of the areas infected, the virus is still back due to the curiosity of small kids....they missed their mom and went back to the restricted area where there could still be the possibility of contracting the virus...then...they did not contract the virus but something else happened...Shant not spoil the movie for those who are intending of watching...the movie ended with a possibility of another, it's a bad-all-too-bad movie who deserved 3 stars out of 5...suitable for those hardcore gory saw3 fans...

p/s: wanted to upload fotos but laptop failed me again...soon bah...i use my this space!!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Wednesday again...

Today is 16th of may, a wednesday,again...2 more days to weekend...think this weekend i am gg to do some sports with Heizu, either go swim, i mean dip in the pool and tan and busk under the sun, or go some courts somewhere to play badminton...recently got this aviva open in singapore and i am qute inspired by its time for some smashes and drop shots..woot...but the problem is dunnoe where to go...maybe go cck sports stadium or something...actually saturday i can go back school and do CBLC duty and earn money one...$80 buck leh...but i think i should get some rest after waking up so early fly away my $80...and it flew into the pocket of my friend, Laypheng whom i gave the duty too...this ger hardcore man 3 days $240 plus thurs, fri and sat do duties...sounds like so boring...and to think she is still on the point of the whole story of is i am free this sat, no tuition, no duty, no work, no nothing...nothing...(lol, like the Mr Bean's Holiday) oh ya, kok chuan is back again and with him back, time seems to fly...after a while, it is soon lunch time and we went nearby to eat the delicious wan ton hor fun...oh ya, we bought the florida natural sweets or rather gummies, very nice...correction, not we buy one but our auntie bought for us one...she is always buying food for us ..thank you Xiao Yi!!!(though she will not be seeing my blog...coz i nv give away my blog add to many...Private dez neh) Oh, i think Heizu is feeling down due to her moving of house...and lack of choices of floors and thus have to move to a low level home...don't worry of the rubbish, just close the windows and on the air -con lo...tata..that's all for all...back to work!!!GAMBATE!!!


Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Trilogy of blogs...

11 May 07
Today is yet another day in the office, the first thing i step to my desk, i saw quite an amount of work waiting for me. This is rather unusual as normally, there would not be any work so early in the morning...but anyway, i just took it in my stride and ate my carrot cake 1st before embarking to do my work....then, horrors of horror, many different colleagues began to come to my desk and entrust me with many quotations, orders's getting overwhelming no matter how fast i can finish the work...but my worst fear came through when one particular person came to ask me to do something...the point is that i am not even in her group and i am not obligated to do anything for think that yesterday, i thought i was free and offered my help to everyone...WAT A MISTAKE!!!! So people, the morale of the story is that it does not pay to appear so hardworking at least in my case, where kindness is begreted with more work...gosh while they relax and enjoy at one cosy corner...oh, we have a buffet high tea now...

14 May 07
Today is the first day in the new office...and touchwood it seems that me and my cousin kok chuan are not going to be separated after all...touchwood again and god bless...its already very boring working, lest working thing is that there are many managers in this new office as most of them have moved into this new office with us. Thus, it has become an ever- increasing difficulty task to slack under the eyes of the many managers who just keep walking around and engage themselves in interesting conversations...oh ya, today my cousin kok chuan is sick as poor thing...i understand how it is like to be sick as i was sick for almost one and a half week last time a few weeks before my end of sememster exams...geez...this new office is smaller than what i have imagined, i thought it was nice to change office and move to a new office where everything is new and clean and looking nice....however, how wrong i i hope that we could have just stayed back in the old office where there was more privacy and less cramped and less congested...the walkway is so narrow now that it can hardly allow two people walk at the same time. You get the picture? everything about this new office is not desirable. There is no more of the mineral water dispenser on the ground floor, there is no more suitable air-con temperature, with the morning super low temperature and the afternoon not so cold temperature. Then , there is also the noisy surroundings with your colleagues noisily talking incessantly around you. I think those people got nothing better to do then to engage in many conversations while waiting for the time to go home... Talking about going home, i think it's almost time for us to go home le...yet another boring day...

15 May 07
THE DATE TODAY IS 15 MARCH 2007 AND I AM ALONE IN THIS DUMB AND NOISY OFFICE. i just got a message from Zhiqing aka Wilson who happened to be the OGL of group PHYSCO of the upcoming union camp. I am supposed to be going for this year Union camp 07/08 but i suddenly got a job offer from my aunt and here i am, working everyday 5 days a week from 9 to 530, sounds like back to army...everyday wake up at even before i normally do when i go to school...the only consolation is that i would be richer affer this ordeal...haha "ordeal" sounds so bad, okay la, actually not so bad given the fact that i still got some free time in between work to slack or rather to blog...check mails etc... Oh ya, this thursday and friday, there is this pre camp which i cant make it due to...of course work commitments... think its going to be so fun as the guys are going to sentosa blah blah, speaking of which it has been a long time since i last went sentosa or rather play vball and suntan...haha...i wan to sit on the new monorail and go SENTOSA!!! Long hours and days in the air-conditioned office has caused be to become fair and weak...speaking about weak and frail...i forgot to tell you all the reason i am all alone today in my office, along as in not really along, one person in the office but as in my auntie is coming in only in the afternoon, buying lunch for me and my poor cousin, KC is sick, adn down with fever...hope he gets well soon and join me soon... right now, i am waiting for lunch, to correct myself, lunch lunch will be taken care of by my auntie who however said that she would only be coming in at about 1.30pm ..think i would have to find some food somewhere to eat 1st...oh, found!!! there's some nice butter biscuits int eh pantry, coupled with some hot milo, small lunch 1st, lata when my auntie gets back then eat another time...(this is the reason why ppl get fat when they are working in the office-think bisuits, green tea, milo, coffee with milk and sugar and the list goes on...) Now i am really all "alone"(at least more alone than just now if you want to argue) in the office with one cleaner, vacuuming the floor and a manager away at one corner doing his own i can open many IE windows and "ming mu zhang dan" de surf net need to "gui gui sui sui" ya...think i need to do some sports soon le...gettin a bit laterally prospering and weak when climbing up the stairs to this 3rd storey office when the lift is not fully functional yet...i think i shall visit WWW. CRUNCHYROLL.COM to watch some videos le...enuff of words le bah ppl...fotos will come next cant expect me to upload fotos to my blog during working hours right?


Thursday, May 10, 2007


I am currently working at my auntie's company, as in she is working in the company and not she owning the company. It is a shipping services company and also an MNC, i think this company is enjoying great sales and profits, and business is super brisk. Today is my fifth day of work and i must say that this is quite an interesting job so far...but a bit mundane.oh ya, forgot to say that i am working with my cousin its quite fun and that boring, only short coming is that i am going to miss many meetings of my union camp, as a councillor.

My company is situated near Clementi and thus it is quite near my house...i would have thought that i would be working at central area so that i can have lunch with dar everyday but i have lunch with my relatives everyday...haha....oh...i just watched Spiderman3...not exactly just but one day after its release in Singapore. I must say that it is a nice show. I am a spidey fan myself and i think even though the casts are not say are very very good looking, their acting skills are credible enough for the price of the ticket. Another thing is that the show is long, approximately 2 hours and 20 minutes, thus for some cheapo movie-goers who cant stand short 1 hour 20 min movies, this is a must-see movie...haha oh ya, back to my job, i am currently working in the customer service department, same as my aunite and my cousin...basically my job scope is to prepare quotations and do orders for the never ending source of customers...the first few days was interesting but soon i realised that everyday is just yet another of these days..(CRAP, wat am i talking about? lol, anyway, you do get the idea) Then now, my typing skills seem to have improvd tremendously and i can key in numbers without looking at the key pad, actually nothing to be proud of...however, working is really quite tiring especially when you are staring at the dumb computer screen for almost the whole day...going to pantry and the toilet has become very enjoyable...hmm...

oh ya, Hello Kitty and my cousin Chingz have gone to USA, Paramount, Virginia..Woootz....hope they are having fun there and take care over there...god bless...oh ya, heizz is also going to PARIS soon...omg!!! so good, go there and have lotsa fun while i slogging it out in this office....oh ya talking about office, i am rather excited by the prospect of moving office which would take place next week...its not exactly moving to somewhere else, just shifting to a bigger office in a building beside this present building...the furniture are all new and very nice...the chair is big and comfy and the table is bigger compared to the present one....where the print-outs will always cover up the whole is lunch time again...yeah...a well-deserved break...shall continue after break...

haha...i am back from my break....just walk a long distance to a food centre to eat fried fish ee -mee...yummy!!!!wow....i think when working, really cant act hardworking, i finished my work quickly and went around asking for more work then they(the permanent workers)suddenly showered me with tons of quotations and orders again...gosh...but now i am free again...i am trying to push myself to finish fast so that i can relax around and blog. But, the dilemma is that having nothing to do is really i am not going to let them push all the work to i shall act busy!!!!!haha....okie...time to go toilet, dunnoe why since i start working, i keep wanting to go toilet to pee...maybe is the weather...the air-con here is really cold man!!!need to wear jacket....speaking about jacket, i am wearing that adidas white jacket which heizu gave to me!!!