Monday, June 4, 2007

a BIG thank you to baizu

Oops...i have been missing in action for a really long time. these days, have been super busy with my professional internship as i had to complete my pi report and my log books...hee finally they are all done! yeah so there's now time to update our precious blog...

3rd June

yesterday dar told me that he had a surprise for me today. initially i thought that it was the IMPACT peach sweets as he knew that i have been craving for my sweetest surprise, the sweet was accompanied by even SWEETER things ( who says that Sweets are the only sweet things in the world...WOW!).

baizu got me a real nice long sleeve top...hee it's brown in colour ( a colour that is lacking in my wardrobe - actually my wardrobe is simply pathetic, it lacks many things haha) and DRUMROLL....DRRRR....the highlight of the day was....


dar actually put in the oven before meeting me and when i had the sandwich, can you imagine it, it was still hot and the cheese was melting...yummy yum yum...thanks baizu for being so thoughtful and understanding that i will be hungry after my tuition...

the funny thing was baizu actually made a commentary before presenting all the surprises to me...*flashback*

baizu: people's bf usually give 1 surprise to their gf, but ur bf is different, he gives 3 surprises, not 1 not 2 not 4 but 3
heizu: why not 4?
baizu: because 4 is an even number (haha)

from the bottom of my heart, i really felt loved. although it may seem to be a simple sandwich to others, it was the best that i have eaten. thanks baizu.