Thursday, March 8, 2007

Photos back at Venezia's!

baizu all ready to attack the yummy venezia ice cream!

haha so is the greedy heizu

A while later....

boohoo..there's no more


my proud invention

the magnificent cake cum honey stars SANDWICH!!!! i think it looks really nice and it is obviously nice with 3 FLAVOURS: Ham and Cheese, Tuna and Chicken Patty..just especially for baizu.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

tremors at work

it all started back at the toilet. i was then standing in front of the mirror looking at my ever messy hair and suddenly i felt giddy. it came to me as no surprise as i wearing heels (and i cant balance on them). however the next min sok asked, "waiyin, did u feel something?" it was then i knew something was not quite right.

later back in office, my colleague told me that she knew something was wrong when she saw her monitor swaying.

something was really wrong and unfortunately our prediction was true. there was an earthquake in Sumatra.

although this is not the first time i heard of an earthquake happening in countries around us. but this time it got me thinking, if we can feel the slight tremor in Singapore, how was the situation like in Sumatra? i can imagine the chaos and people running and hiding for their lives while at the very same time i am in the comfort zone of my office. it's really kinda scary.

anyway on a lighter note, during our lunch break, my colleagues and i realised that many of the offices at raffles place have actually evacuated their staff and banks have also displayed their "closed"sign while there's no such action from our office building. ha we are really gungho people.

last but not least, heizu prays for peace in Sumatra and for the people living there...

More fotos on 4th March 2007 aka BZ's bdae...

She obviously thinks she is cool...

" Da-Tou" Heizu

Wicked Squint from Baizu aka Birthday Pig...

Heizu on Starbuck's sofa acting cute

Soba's so Good!!!

My birthday cake...from four leaves

Shimbashi Soba at Paragon B1

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

A few photos...

Check out the food...and the identical twins behind

She thinks she got lots of food to eat!!! Joyeous...

Taken on the bus on My bdae

My less impressive Neo-Card...

Thanks to a resizer, i managed to trim the size of my photos....Hooray!!!

btw, this is the neo card which we forgot about it totally when given a limited time to decorate the 2 neo cards which we we were amateurs, or rather neo-cards were long past our ages, we could not operate the machine with ease and this has resulted in 2 vastly different neo cards....=(

Monday, March 5, 2007

Just celebrated my 22nd Birthday!!!

Dear all, sorry for not blogging for so all...anyway, can also blame this blame my router...dunoe why always got bad connection when i try to ended up lazy to blog...and pics always cannot get uploaded one...It's SUPER DUPER long...think must be the suprer big size fotos...4 plus MB each...haha...need to figure a way to resize them so can upload them soon...just got a new CASIO EXILIM Z1000 after darn, i lost my cam in PRC...speaking of CAsio....

I just celebrated my birthday, HZ just bought a new Casio Chronograph watch for me....Looks Classy and cool....cant wait to show my friends...haha....for the rest who cant see it in real life....opps...just have to wait the pic of the watch to be uploaded...oh to recommend a place to buy watch...super best Bargain in town!!!i mean singapore la...cant really find a better place to get goood priced good watches le....It's at bugis there...near the Kwan Yin Temple, Bencoolen Street, Bencoolen SHopping mall...Check it People...its always crowded one btw...Typical Singaporeans know where to sniff out the best stuffs....Woot....oh's name is Win's there sure win la...haha...Thanks Dar btw for my nice nice fancy-stylo-milo-cool-classy watch...Btw, some other shops in town, not to mention names...CityXXX is selling the exact same watch at freaking $228 dollars....Pure Concentrated Madness....ask me or Waiyin how much she paid for it...haha.... talk about the sweet little cake-cum-sandwich which dar baked-made for my birthday....wait for the photos...its a mega sandwich ala frenchtoast with many honey stars...very nice and sweet of HZ....she even went to buy a box at 50cents from four leaves and got a plastic bag from the same place and tried to bluff me that she had bought a cake from there...haha...but i managed to see it through from the first moment....coz the size of the box is wierd....unlike typical four leaves box...(though it's bought from there)...second, the plastic bag looks old...and i got a feeling that she is making something herself....BINGO!!!Thanks for your efforts dar... tok about the dinner...JAPANESE_STYLED at this "SOBA-SO-GOOD" place in Paragon....the soba there is the best i have ever eaten...WOW...wat a great deal for my birthday....the consistency of the soba is just right...not to soft and not too's abit like my fav E-mee and its cold....Dar got the soupy one though....the cold one is special and it has some crisps and seawead flakes to go along with the soba....Woot...Yummy!!!! kudos to the Soba chef...oh ya...there's salmon sashimi, fried fish fillets and honey or sauced chicken to go along with the soba as well...its 18.80 bucks for a set...abit not cheap but the soba is really good and worth a try....hey, i sound like some YUMMY-KING host

Wat followed was your everyday normal STARBUCKS FRAPPuCINO MOCHA venti at PS starbucks....started off at the wooden wierd seats and table then managed to get the cozy sofa seats....think they might as well convert all the seats to sofa ones....though a bit waste space...the sofas and ppl might waste more time there....thus making less business for Starbucks...but spare many thoughts for us consumers...i guess all or most people would appreciate more sofa ya...hope to see this happen...well, as if the CEO of STARbucks would read my cheesy

Oh no so late le...after that we went home...oh ya, FULL MOON>>>coz my