Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Trilogy of blogs...

11 May 07
Today is yet another day in the office, the first thing i step to my desk, i saw quite an amount of work waiting for me. This is rather unusual as normally, there would not be any work so early in the morning...but anyway, i just took it in my stride and ate my carrot cake 1st before embarking to do my work....then, horrors of horror, many different colleagues began to come to my desk and entrust me with many quotations, orders etc...gosh...it's getting overwhelming no matter how fast i can finish the work...but my worst fear came through when one particular person came to ask me to do something...the point is that i am not even in her group and i am not obligated to do anything for her....to think that yesterday, i thought i was free and offered my help to everyone...WAT A MISTAKE!!!! So people, the morale of the story is that it does not pay to appear so hardworking at least in my case, where kindness is begreted with more work...gosh while they relax and enjoy at one cosy corner...oh, we have a buffet high tea now...

14 May 07
Today is the first day in the new office...and touchwood it seems that me and my cousin kok chuan are not going to be separated after all...touchwood again and god bless...its already very boring working, lest working alone...lol...another thing is that there are many managers in this new office as most of them have moved into this new office with us. Thus, it has become an ever- increasing difficulty task to slack under the eyes of the many managers who just keep walking around and engage themselves in interesting conversations...oh ya, today my cousin kok chuan is sick as well...so poor thing...i understand how it is like to be sick as i was sick for almost one and a half week last time a few weeks before my end of sememster exams...geez...this new office is smaller than what i have imagined, i thought it was nice to change office and move to a new office where everything is new and clean and looking nice....however, how wrong i was...now i hope that we could have just stayed back in the old office where there was more privacy and less cramped and less congested...the walkway is so narrow now that it can hardly allow two people walk at the same time. You get the picture? everything about this new office is not desirable. There is no more of the mineral water dispenser on the ground floor, there is no more suitable air-con temperature, with the morning super low temperature and the afternoon not so cold temperature. Then , there is also the noisy surroundings with your colleagues noisily talking incessantly around you. I think those people got nothing better to do then to engage in many conversations while waiting for the time to go home... Talking about going home, i think it's almost time for us to go home le...yet another boring day...

15 May 07
THE DATE TODAY IS 15 MARCH 2007 AND I AM ALONE IN THIS DUMB AND NOISY OFFICE. i just got a message from Zhiqing aka Wilson who happened to be the OGL of group PHYSCO of the upcoming union camp. I am supposed to be going for this year Union camp 07/08 but i suddenly got a job offer from my aunt and here i am, working everyday 5 days a week from 9 to 530, sounds like back to army...everyday wake up at even before i normally do when i go to school...the only consolation is that i would be richer affer this ordeal...haha "ordeal" sounds so bad, okay la, actually not so bad given the fact that i still got some free time in between work to slack or rather to blog...check mails etc... Oh ya, this thursday and friday, there is this pre camp which i cant make it due to...of course work commitments... think its going to be so fun as the guys are going to sentosa blah blah, speaking of which it has been a long time since i last went sentosa or rather play vball and suntan...haha...i wan to sit on the new monorail and go SENTOSA!!! Long hours and days in the air-conditioned office has caused be to become fair and weak...speaking about weak and frail...i forgot to tell you all the reason i am all alone today in my office, along as in not really along, one person in the office but as in my auntie is coming in only in the afternoon, buying lunch for me and my poor cousin, KC is sick, adn down with fever...hope he gets well soon and join me soon... right now, i am waiting for lunch, to correct myself, lunch time...my lunch will be taken care of by my auntie who however said that she would only be coming in at about 1.30pm ..think i would have to find some food somewhere to eat 1st...oh, found!!! there's some nice butter biscuits int eh pantry, coupled with some hot milo, small lunch 1st, lata when my auntie gets back then eat another time...(this is the reason why ppl get fat when they are working in the office-think bisuits, green tea, milo, coffee with milk and sugar and the list goes on...) Now i am really all "alone"(at least more alone than just now if you want to argue) in the office with one cleaner, vacuuming the floor and a manager away at one corner doing his own work...now i can open many IE windows and "ming mu zhang dan" de surf net le...no need to "gui gui sui sui" le...lol...oh ya...think i need to do some sports soon le...gettin a bit laterally prospering and weak when climbing up the stairs to this 3rd storey office when the lift is not fully functional yet...i think i shall visit WWW. CRUNCHYROLL.COM to watch some videos le...enuff of words le bah ppl...fotos will come next time...you cant expect me to upload fotos to my blog during working hours right?


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