Thursday, May 31, 2007

Many years of fine company and many more to come...PART 1

Note: These pictures are arranged from the latest to the earliest...
NOT_SO _SERIOUS_WARNING: COPYRIGHT LAWS PREVALENT AS ALWAYS, contact us if you need us as models for your all kinds of marketing and advertising and do not want any brushes with the wrong side of law.(PUKES.)
This is David Beckham and Victoria Beckham....

This is Chong Waiyin and ...

This is Kenny Mok Chew Seng...

They think they are beckham and

Taken at some eating place, dunnoe wat's behind though.

Taken on a TIBS bus

Taken on the tram/train along the Siloso Beach

Yet another picture on the bus (slowly but surely baoming our favourite photo-taking place)

There you have it, another bus foto...;_)

okay, this is not on the bus but...about the same, another public transport called the mass rapid transit aka MRT (correct?)

Crazy guy smiling from ear to ear for reasons unknown.

With Mr Bean's bear(the 3rd party) in the Mediacorp fliming studio scene.

So the 3rd party wasn't the bear, it was Yunying, the near-Champion (good enuff) of Superhost.

Matching colour in the season of giving and love

Clearly, MRT is catching up with the bus in terms of popularity of photo-taking venues.

Taken in my house, when we were youthful, now that we are old...sighz...

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