Thursday, May 31, 2007

25th May 2007

today is a friday and i hope today will be smooth sailing and not so
tiring...for me, i have been watching a new Hong kong drama serial after
yet another HK drama "dicey business"...This new one is named "heart of
greed" which is either still airing in Hong Kong or it has just aired
finish.Dicey business is a really nice show and i really enjoyed it very
much...This show includes main casts, Ouyang Zheng Hua, Jessica Xuan
Xuan, Tania Yueng and Bosco Wong. For your infomation, Bosco and Tavia
are 2 rising stars in the HK dramas arena while Bobby Ouyang Zhanghua and
Jessica are the veterans as you all should know...this show is about
gambling like can guess from the title...but it involves many
other things as let me give you all a synopsis on this
wonderful drama...btw, nowadays, i realise HK dramas beat Jap ones hands
down...NO FIGHT!!! The story goes...Oh ya, before i start, there's another
impt person whom i have forgotten to introduce, he's Michael who is yet
another veteran acter, which really don't look his age..ok, the real
story starts when both michael and bobby were in their teens. or rather
young adults, both of them managed to eanter the finals of a prestigious
gambling competition finals...then bobby got distracted by a beautiful
women who happened to be michael's girlfirend and in the end lost the
finals and also lost his little brother altogether...he tried his best
to find his little brother(bosco's role) desperately but all efforts
were to no avail. Then, he became a loser and went into the situation
compulsive gambling, he lost everything and became a nobody...the worst
thing is that he seemed to be cursed with bad luck after the unfortunate
incident and he lost his self-belief and determined will...until one
fine night when he was walking somewhere and a person, fell on him when he
was attempting to jump down a building(can tell how sway he is). both
of them ended up in the hospital and this turned out to be a blessing in
disguise and eventually, both of them became the best of
buddies...along with (horror of horrors)michael, the eventual winner of that gambling
competition, who then became the CEO of a casino in Philippines. Bobby
then worked for Michael as the "cooler", okay, let explain, since i
have told you all earlier that Bobby is super unlucky, whatever he bet, he
sure lose. Thus, he has this uncanny ability to stop winning streaks
by occasional lucky gamblers in the casino. WOW, hoe cool is
that...quite cheapo on the other hand. Nvm, back to the main story, bobby
meanwhile get to know this hardcore woman gambler(Jessica Xuan Xuan) and they
became friends...On the other hand, Michael also fell for Jessica. (i
don't understand why though, she is not say like very pretty). Anyway,
Michael is such an ass, he bed her the first time and wanted to break up
the next day as he realised that they are of diffferent worlds and he
finds Jessica a nag...but, they soon make up again...He broke up with
her the second time they make out again but this time is due to Michael
wanting to protect Jessica since he is being hunted by his enemies(why
he got enemies, the story is too long, watch it yourself)Okay, at the
same time, bobby found himself having a liking towards Jessica as, a typical love triangle, Bobby managed to
find his little brother who happened to be living in the same rent room
for so long yet, they did no know...However, both of them soon found out
but things did not turn out to be it should be...His little brother
played by Bosco Wong, did not feel the bond between them and instead
admired Michael more due to his gambling powess...he then went to work in
his casino and got to know the bimbo acted by Tavia Yeung. he fell in
love with Tavia at first sight but due to his shy nature, after trapping
himself in the house for more than 20 years since being separated from
Bobby, he did not show his feelings to tavia and tavia on the other
hand, did not appreciate all the things Bosco did for her and only wants to
get hooked up with this rich son of the guy who owns that casino.
However, after being humiliated several times by the rich son and others,
she gave up and started to recipocate the love given by Bosco but the
thing is that Bosco soon looked upon Michael as his mentor and trust him
mroe than anyone else and he also refuses to reconcile with his brother
who is super sad...seeing his own brother trusting another person more
than himself...But, the most shocking thing is that Michael turned out
to be a bad guy, who was also the one who instigated his girlfriend to
seduce Bobby many years ago during the competition, thus causing
Bobby's downfall and him losing his little brother...but the dilemma is Bosco
just would not believe that his mentor is that evil...Eventually,
Michael became more and moredisgusting and evil after being manipulated by
other evil elements...well, Bosco did many evil things under his bdding
too...okay okay, said so much le...for the exciting and wonderful
ending to this fantastic drama, do watch it would not
reveal the ending here...okay, time to eat roti boy coffe bread le...tata


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