Saturday, August 11, 2007

Quite accurate, this one...

Hi all,

went to watch 881 and secret recently, 881 is ...i think a waste of money, at least to me, if only my mom did not want to watch...this show only appeal to a certain group of ppl.,..definitely the not to's really filled with Hokkien getai songs throughout and it's no joke to call it a getai-musical...

as for secret by Jay Chou, it's totally a different story...though the movie started slow and a bit of the dull side but it soon became quite mysterious and creepy...and ya, I don't think it's nice to reveal any further here...but the Secret is really quite brilliant though come to think of it, there are some short-coming or loopholes in the secret...

okie anyway, recently i got spammed by this astrology thingy...but i found the below quite accurate:

There are several different sides to your character but your energy is primarily pointed in two contrary directions. A good part of you is probably devoted to people -- loving, giving and responsible -- but another strong side of you is free-spirited and adventurous -- at least in spirit but often in fact -- and doesn't want to feel restrained in any way. During your youth and young adulthood, you'll struggle to balance your desire to give to others in a responsible manner with your need to do your own thing with as little sense of responsibility as possible. You'll probably sometimes take care of one and sometimes the other, but rarely to your complete satisfaction. As you get older, you'll probably learn how to balance your generous, helping side with your free-spirited side so that you can feel comfortable with both.


You were born with a special gift, the potential to experience great delight in the pleasures of life. You sometimes affirm this delight with exhilarating enthusiasm, sometimes savor it with intense but quiet pleasure. One of your major lessons in life is to learn to fully appreciate and express this wonderful joy in living. You probably enjoy people and spend considerable time socializing, either with many friends in varied activities or in the company of a few intimates engaged in quiet diversions. You're also apt to enjoy using your considerable creative ability. You're likely to use your social and creative abilities in your career as well as in your personal life.


There's another side of your personality -- along with the social and creative part -- which is probably just as important in determining your general character.
You are able to comfort, help and serve others less able than yourself. You probably devote much of your effort to other people. Others will recognize your responsible ways and turn to you for the support and understanding you can provide. With your caring nature, you may choose a people-oriented line of work, possibly involving your teaching or counseling abilities. Although your sense of responsibility is one of your important strengths, you may have to learn that you don't have to be responsible for everything or everybody.'s minutes to heizu's birthday...I wish you HAPPY BIRTHDAY and may all your dreams come true and all the best in everything you do!!! Love you...(Mushy)


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