Friday, January 26, 2007

work work work

heizu is finally back in action!
today is another long day at work, till 1030pm..tiring but learnt a lot of new things today. seriously hope that my heizu mind can store all those information!

went out with my colleagues for lunch today. initially we wanted to go to a shao la dian to eat char siew but to our utter dismay (esp when i have decided what to eat and happily drooling over it), it was closed. so we headed to the curry fish head store and guess what it was too packed!

ultimately we headed to a noodles place selling thai noodles and i ate phad thai!!!! ( i know baizu loves phad thai but don't be too envious of heizu cos the phad thai is NOT nice!) haha, it wasn't very good but maybe because i added too much lime and it was simply too sour. the funniest thing was the service at the place.

boss to waiter: sorry can i have a pair of chopsticks?
waiter: the chopsticks are over at the front. take it yourself.

OH MAN... either they are rude or they are lazy... but the funny thing was the waiter was no waiter at all..he was in fact the boss! but anyway got to try out the vietnamese coffee at the noodle place. vietnamese coffee is real special..too bad i forgot to take a photo of it.. weird encounters started way back early in the morning... i was just standing behind a door when a man accidentally pushed open the door and knocked me...

normally in such a situation we would say sorry..but this man actually said, "i beg ur pardon"...i was like stunned for some time..and was staring at him speechless..when did "i beg ur pardon" became sorry? rah!

okie time for me to sleep. need some energy as tm will be my first time doing fieldwork cool! i will jiayou de! tata


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