Sunday, January 21, 2007

Cafe de Tongkla closed....No Chicken Rice!!!


Oh yesterday, we went to Far East Plaza...wanting to look for camera since i have just lost mine...long story...very sad story...and also wanting to keep a lookout for CNY clothes...oh yah..CNY is coming soon time flies...we reached Far East quite late since there was a nasty jam just along stevens road before orchard road...the feeling is like "so near yet so far"...anyway, by the time we reached there, the time was already way past dinner time...and to our utmost dismay, our favourite chicken rice stall there in town was already too good i guess...the chicken is REALLY TENDER AND leaves a lingering sweet sensation in your mouth and the "chewability" of the meat is just right...not to hard nor too soft...anyway...our second choice Hainanese Chicken Rice stall was also we just have to curb our chicken cravings in the end and settled for something like chicken cutlet rice(you may argue it's also chicken but its just not the chicken rice chicken you get it...) Anyway, the cutlet was not bad as well, it comes with an egg, chicken rice and of course, the cutlet...i had teh peng as after that, we just went shopping...went to dunnoe how many shops...and later went to Zara because got SALE(typical Singaporeans....) oh ya...talking about the sale at Zara, it was a disappointing affair to say the least....most of the clothes are limited in sizes (HAHA) and they seemed to be worn before by millions of people... and of course, the stuffs on sale were never appealing as compared to the fixed price items....Thus, we soon left ZARA and headed for home...Wat an un-awarding "shopping" trip!!!


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