Wednesday, March 7, 2007

tremors at work

it all started back at the toilet. i was then standing in front of the mirror looking at my ever messy hair and suddenly i felt giddy. it came to me as no surprise as i wearing heels (and i cant balance on them). however the next min sok asked, "waiyin, did u feel something?" it was then i knew something was not quite right.

later back in office, my colleague told me that she knew something was wrong when she saw her monitor swaying.

something was really wrong and unfortunately our prediction was true. there was an earthquake in Sumatra.

although this is not the first time i heard of an earthquake happening in countries around us. but this time it got me thinking, if we can feel the slight tremor in Singapore, how was the situation like in Sumatra? i can imagine the chaos and people running and hiding for their lives while at the very same time i am in the comfort zone of my office. it's really kinda scary.

anyway on a lighter note, during our lunch break, my colleagues and i realised that many of the offices at raffles place have actually evacuated their staff and banks have also displayed their "closed"sign while there's no such action from our office building. ha we are really gungho people.

last but not least, heizu prays for peace in Sumatra and for the people living there...

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